Frequently Asked Questions

1. How was Leantech founded?

Our parent company, Lean Staffing, specializes in recruitment, training and onboarding of employees in Logistics. By detecting a gap in the market, we decided to combine our expertise in Logistics with Technology; specializing in delivering valuable technological solutions for our clients.

2. I’ve submitted my resume. Now what?

Our recruiters will carefully examine your application and given that your profile matches our requirements, we will ask you to complete a short test that will offer an insight into your skills as a developer. An interview will then be arranged via phone with you.

3. What training opportunities and career development does Lean Tech provide?

Providing our employees with all necessary tools to achieve their full potential and contribute to their ever-growing growth excites us! This includes free courses to study technologies you love (English/technical classes)

4. I'm looking for an entry level position with no prior experience. Is there a place for me at Lean Tech?

At Lean Tech we provide a university program that will teach you all the basics you need in order to become a great software developer. Do not feel like if you do not meet all the qualifications you will not be accepted or taken into account. We are looking for hungry, enthusiastic people that are willing to learn and be part of a great family.